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oc group sketch
Brandywine belongs to :iconiquano:
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this was super fun to do!

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    [ General ]

Name: Quinn

Age | DOB: 26 years old 12/4/ 1990

Gender: Female

Height | Weight: 5'11" 240lb

Nationality: Scotland

       [ Martial ]

Species: Thorny Devil 1% Bull shark 0.3% Human 98.7%

the best defense- careful not to grab this woman, you'll pull back a sliced and diced hand, the back and top of her body is smothered in rough scales and spikes ranging from a few inches to slightly over a foot.

Built in roids- Female Bull Sharks can at normal, have more testosterone then a raging bull elephant in musth. Quinn inherited this trait when once puberty roled around, she became a whole new, more violent person


aggression and impulse control issues- bitchy is putting it lightly with this woman, she is naturally aggressive and slave to her impulses, and while this makes her extremely dangerous, this also makes her doubly as reckless, and easily blacks out in fights due to adrenaline  

spikes- while she has grown accustomed to living with her mutation it still poses a hazard to herself and her allies, she is not immune to stabbing herself, breaking these spikes is very painful, and she could easily hurt her allies if knocked into them

Glaucoma- Given her violent nature and natural armaments, her face has become a prime target in fights, and her left eye has taken the most abuse, this has lead to her developing Glaucoma in her left eye and will likely lose full vision in that eye with 2 years

Position: body guard

       [ Personal ]

Anatomy- Quinn is.. not easy on the eyes with wide manly shoulders and very defined muscles, her body, is riddled with scars from years of fighting. Her face is more of a mans then a woman, with an angular, masculine nose and jaw line she has a particularly note worthy scar running up the left side of her face starting at her upper lip, the only truly feminine qualities to her are her lips wide lips and hips.

Mutation- her spikes start at her brow line and travel up into two, large curved horns on the top of her head, giving her the appearance of a demon, they then travel down the head, to which she has no hair, the back of her neck is lined with small spikes. The largest spikes are located on her shoulders and back, with the spikes on her back being almost 1 and a half feet long, making it nearly impossible to sit in chairs or lay on her back properly, they then spread down the back of her arms with large spikes on her elbows. the back of her hands have more small spikes on them, with notably larger ones on her knuckles, including her thumb. Next are her legs, the front of her thighs have an odd lack of spikes though the scales are still present, her knees have large spikes similar to the elbow and her calf's have some spikes on the front though few then other area of the body.  

Clothing-   Her wardrobe is pretty simple, given her spikes she is relegated to shorts and tank tops, usually black.  


Psychopathic | Sadistic | Fanatical | Aggressive | Callous | Harsh | Confident | Reliable |
 - Quinn suffers from abnormally violent and abnormal behavior
 - she loves hurting people and animals
 - Quinn can be a tad obsessive over certain things, especially her bosses, she practically worships them
 - this is a women who will try to attack you if you look at her funny
 - Quinn is extremely insensitive and cruel towards people, she doesnt care who you are or how you feel, though a select few             people are exempt from this
 - to go along with her callous nature Quinn is unfairly rough on people
 - Quinn is unbelievably confident, its very hard to embarrass or demean her
 - its hard to get Quinn to do anything for you, but if you do have that power over her she is like an unstoppable machine when given a task.
 Quinn was a simple experiment, create the perfect guard dog. She was born from 2 itex scientists and had her mutations since birth. Her spikes began growing when she was 2 years old and that's around the time her training began. She was taught to be obedient and loyal, doing what ever she was told. For about 8 years she was perfect, a loyal, quiet, obedient but then everything changed when she hit puberty, her bull shark DNA kicked in like a truck and her testosterone sky rocketed, she began repeatedly beating her trainers, masters, and fellow mutants, and this was just scratching the surface.

  She grew and she grew fast, her appetite doubled, then tripled and her body developed with it, she even at one point bordered on obesity. In response to her changes the scientists put her on a rigorous training program meant to were her rage out and get her back into shape. This training program consisted of the most heart pounding, grueling training possible, first they'd force her to run a mile every day, and each month they'd increase the mile, then they'd force her to lift weights until her arms couldn't take it an more. Most thought she'd break, the others thought she'd be reformed, she did neither. by the time she was 25 she had since exceeded there expectations, her stamina and strength were at peek physical condition , and the worst part is she was still disobedient, which meant she was WORSE then before, because now, not only was she violent but also strong.

  She was quickly segregated from the other mutants and subjected to daily beatings and other forms of torture in an attempt to make her more obedient but at this point in her life it wasn't about being impulsive, now she refused to obey out of a belief, a belief that all these people were lesser then her. The situation finally escalated to the point that Itex deemed her "to much" and sentenced her to be put down, of course she wasn't going to go down with out a fight and as soon as they entered her cell Quinn BURST through the crowd of guards making a break for the exit, this is were things got interesting for her, as she ran she came face to face with someone, they weren't very tall, they weren't very strong, they didn't even flinch or move away. Quinn was awe struck by this seemly weak person, she didn't know what but something about this person, it scared her.

  Quinn was taken away to be put down, but luckily for her, the person had taken an interest her and had bought her for there services. Now Quinn serves them, loyally, and proudly.
RP Mediums: discord or DA

She is an expert boxer and grapple artist.
Shes lived on natural foods only her whole life and now anything like candy or sweets actually gives her a stomach ache
Her favorite colors are red and purple
Her cooking is pretty good for an ultra violent spike mutant


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